Victoria Mackenzie has always been fascinated by the underwater world. From a very young age she would watch wildlife programmes and read nature books, becoming totally absorbed in the images she was seeing. The colours, patterns, and weird and wonderful creatures looking back at her would keep her occupied for hours!

After many years of talking about it, Victoria finally took her first breaths underwater in Fiji and has never looked back. She spent the next year traveling and diving around Australasia, eventually becoming a Divemaster, then PADI  Dive Instructor in July 2008.

While in Thailand, Victoria met Phil and Tara North, who are both underwater photographers. After seeing the breathtaking images they produced, she was inspired. Deciding she wanted to give it a try, she bought her first underwater camera system and became completely hooked, spending many dives improving her technique.

She entered her first competition a few months later and was delighted to be placed 1st and 2nd in the white balance and flash categories respectively.

Victoria soon replaced her underwater equipment to her current camera set up, giving more scope to learn and develop her own style.¬†Always striving to get that ‘Perfect Shot’, she soon became the passionate and dedicated underwater photographer she is today.

The intricate details of the coral reefs, the light spectacles, the wonderment of the oceans giants and the life which teems below the surface, all ensure that the fascination I felt as a child is still very much with me on every dive I make.’